America’s Violent Empire Is Imploding

Chickens have come home to roost


US National Guard quartered in the Capitol, under Armed Freedom, wearing a Jefferson Davies designed eagle/chicken on her head

America has been a violent empire for decades. America maintains over 800 military bases and is actively killing in 14 countries right now. Their own violence has come home, and white pundits are somehow surprised. They say, “this looks like Afghanistan or Iraq now.” No shit. This is you.

As Shailja Patel sarcastically said about the Capitol mob, many of them ex-stormtroopers, “Just unfathomable that Americans indoctrinated, trained, and paid to overthrow other governments, and destroy other countries, on the orders of their Commander-in-Chief, would try to overthrow the government of this country on the orders of their Commander-in-Chief.”

Now your active stormtroopers are in your Capitol, in the classic ‘oops we broke it, now we have to occupy it’ trick that America does all over the world. This is not something unusual happening to you. This is you happening to you. Ask the world you oblivious tits. America has been at continuous war for decades. Did you think it would never come home? Any old farm boy could’ve told you. Chickens come home to roost.

America Is An Empire

People are like, oh, America’s not an empire. Then what the fuck is this?

US troop deployments across the world

This is a map of US troop deployments across the world, depicted as a Risk game. It’s so monstrous you’ll really have to zoom. The only places America doesn’t have some troop presence (ranging from a few Embassy Marines to full occupations) are effectively besieged. Look at Iran in the middle of your aggression, and how you somehow portray them as the problem. America is at constant war everywhere and you’re not the good guys. After years of torture, rendition, death, and over 37 million displaced, don’t you get it? After losing every war while mercenaries profit, don’t you understand? YOU’RE THE BADDIES.



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