How America Occupied The World (Map)

And how COVID is bringing their empire down
8 min readAug 18, 2020


Basically, US troops are everywhere, and if not, you’re under siege

Americans like to think they’re not an empire. It’s like asking a fish what’s water, only the water is blood. Violence is just the soup they swim in. Americans sacrifice their own children to AR-15s. Of course they kill brown people abroad. They don’t even protect their own children.

American troops are deployed in 165 countries and 12 territories, more than any empire in history. America has a presence in 85% of the nations of the world. They operate from 800 foreign bases. They actively kill in 14 countries. Despite losing every war for decades, Americans ‘train’ over 80 countries in their failed tactics of abduction, torture, and murder.

Thanks for that.

Not only do you kill and torture, you train our governments to kill and torture too. It’s like a franchise opportunity for war crimes. The American dream: a McDonald’s and a Black Site on every corner.

Americans like to think they’re the good guys but they’re really not. You’re the baddies.

Just look at a map.

This is American occupation as a game of Risk, using data from the Department Of Defense, with other sources for their bullshit.

The game of Risk

To hideously over-complicate the map above, I’ve mapped actual-ish* troop levels as a bunch of Risk pieces. If you’re on mobile this may be well-nigh unreadable, try this:

The home, European, Pacific, Middle East and African theatres of war

Whereas Risk takes 8 hours to play, America has been playing for 8 decades. Since World War II, American forces have been spreading across the globe. This accelerated with their Terror War and now it’s a global cancer, spreading across Africa. The occupation drones on and on. Literally.

You can see the full map above, but it’s a bit much (imagine living under it).

Let’s go through it.

The pieces

Risk is played with infantry, cavalry, and artillery. I’ve added a castle because Americans tend to…



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