Cosmetic Changes Won’t Stop American Collapse

America has already hit the iceberg. It’s going down
5 min readFeb 19, 2021


America to Texas right now

Democrats are rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic while Texans freeze to death. This is precisely how empires collapse. Debating arcane shit like the filibuster while people are literally exposed to the elements.

America needs generational change and they’re getting a bunch of bullshit. Instead of making black lives matter, they get Black Lives Matters PLAZA. Instead of relief from debt peonage, they get Harriet Tubman on a $20 bill. Instead of an end to endless war, they get trans soldiers. It’s a fucking joke.

In lieu of different, Americans are getting diverse. A black arms dealer in the Defense (Offense) Department. A corrupt woman in the Treasury. Meanwhile many of the same sabotaging Trump bastards are still in their posts, like DeJoy at the Post Office. What’s the fucking point?

FDR gave America the New Deal. Joe Biden is playing ‘Let’s Make A Deal’. A $2,000 cheque becomes $1,400. $50,000 student debt relief becomes $10,000. Instead of a bold first term, Americans are getting terms and conditions apply. It’s not going to work.

None of this is enough to pull out of collapse. Democrats are just changing speed, not the destination. It’s like driving off a cliff and saying ‘what if we drive off the cliff… but slower?’ America’s fuckedness is the work of generations, and Democrats are still playing the Republican game. Obamacare is a Republican idea, not actual public healthcare. Biden is still deporting people and holding children in cages, just taking less joy in it. For over 40 years Republicans have been fucking America over. The Democrats just fuck you gently.

Look around. Incremental changes are not going to do. America faces fundamental problems that can only be solved by fundamental change. People say that Texas looks like the third world now, but bitch, no. As Gathara says,

Third world countries shudder at the comparison to the US. Inability to carry out presidential elections, to count votes, hold presidents to account, feed its people, tackle disease, provide power and water to citizens — these are the characteristics of a first world shithole.



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