American Evil Is A Bipartisan Affair

War and corruption have bipartisan support
7 min readFeb 10, 2021


Americans always talk about unity, like this is going to solve their problems. “We just need to work together, across the aisle.” Well, you already do. You have for decades. Both parties vote for war. Both parties vote for bailouts. Killing and stealing and bipartisan support.

The outrageous wickedness of the Republican Party has blinded you from the banal evil that just is America. Both parties agree on war and looting the treasury. They have for decades. There are some major difference on what people do with their genitals, but they’re united about the money and guns.

It’s a bipartisan empire of grift.


Can you tell when the Republicans or Democrats are in charge? (Brown Costs Of War)

Please look at this graph and tell me what the war party is. It just looks like one long war party. The only time Republicans and Democrats got together to censure Trump was when he withdrew from Syria. When he slightly reduced the bipartisan project of war.

20 fucking years Americans have been bombing the shit out of poor people. America is regularly bombing Africa now. If this isn’t an evil empire I don’t know what is. Other empires at least murdered people and then you were part of the empire, maybe you got a road out of it. America just keeps on murdering you to no end. It’s not Bush, it’s also Obama. American Presidents have been handing off pointless wars since Vietnam.

America is the only empire built on losing wars. It’s the only empire based on looting their own treasury. On a bipartisan basis, this is done.

Now the same trigger-happy Obama crew is back. Biden’s Secretary of State Anthony Blinken supported all this war, and founded a company called WestExec to profit from it afterwards. Western Executive Avenue literally runs through the White House, what he sold was access. Anywhere else we’d call him a corrupt war profiteer, but y’all just talk about how he plays guitar. Meanwhile Biden’s Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin just walked out of…



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