Woke Up Like This

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Woke up to planes going down, New York,
Woke up to towers going down, New York.

Boy I think it’s frightening, yeah they fighting.
Drones they strike like lightning, IEDs be biting.
Ending soon not likely, money melts like ice cream.
All the violence so inviting,
Hundred thousand on a bright thing,
Light the desert up like icing.
Meanwhile they’re inciting.
Mosques in Brookyln and in Brighton.
Cycle continues, un-enlightened.
Always Arabs and them white men.
Fighting till the fight ends.
But you never see that fight end, war.

Woke up to bombs going down, Iraq,
Woke up to statues going down, Iraq.

Oh I think they biting, how exciting.
Papers they be writing, proselytizing.
Cancer’s metastasising, spreading out from little islands.
Terrorism is just writing, pay blood for advertising.
Empires freak out like they’re dying,
Media loves it they’re supplying,
Bin Laden still not dying,
G Dub keep on lying,
As long as people buying.
And the people buying.
Someone else is dying.
Someone else is dying.
Torture, money, violence.
Torture, money, violence, war.

Woke up it’s still going down, won’t stop.
Woke up, forever going down, won’t stop.

16 years is almost legal-izing, war
You’re just now realizing, war
Forgot that they were fighting, war
First you protest now just silence, war.
Nonsense is the new sense, war.
Feeling bad’s a nuisance, war.
Five trillion on some ruins, war.

Woke up to towers going down, New York.
Woke up to bombs going down, Iraq.
Woke up and 16 years is gone, to war.

based on wokeuplikethis by Playboi Carti

Written by

A writer living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He/him. indi@indi.ca. Videos: tiny.cc/indication. Patreon: patreon.com/indication

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