Why You Shouldn’t Vote For The JVP

In the Presidential election, third prize is fascism

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This election is a choice between messy democracy (Sajith) and fascism (Gota). Third prize is also fascism.

The JVP is running for third prize.

Internally, the JVP may have to run to preserve its identity at a party, but it’s simply not good for the country. It splits the democratic vote which benefits the fascists. Anura Kumara Dissanayake is in many ways the conscience of the nation, but a person cannot in good conscience vote for them. The Presidential Election remains a binary choice.

AKD is a voice of reason and a moral leader, especially on issues of LGBTQ rights, and of the common sense dignity of the poor. In terms of policy the JVP still has some things I don’t agree with. His party wants to create more wasteful state institutions and is largely silent on climate change, but my disagreement isn’t on policy.

I don’t think the JVP should be in the Presidential race at all. The JVP is the only party that has really attempted to abolish the Executive Presidency and they can push for that. They just shouldn’t be running for it.

The fact is that AKD is not going to win and can only play the role of a spoiler. This is a two party state. You can say that this won’t change unless he runs, but it can change at a general. This is not the time or place. The binary choice is too dire.


As voters we have a very clear choice between a party that tried to violently overthrow Parliament. They have physically attacked our democracy. They have promoted racist lies and supported racist riots. They lie shamelessly and they have put the entire country at risk in their scramble for power.

Their candidate breaks the law in every way from his citizenship to corruption to murder. He is surrounded by crooks and thugs.

This is not a choice within our democracy, this is a choice as to whether we have a democracy. The SLPP is a fascist party. They are an existential threat to our rights and freedom, and they are ahead.


The other choice is Sajith Premadasa, who is a good choice. He is the most socialist a UNPer gets, he is not touched by corruption allegations, and he comes with a return policy. If we don’t like him we can vote him out. Sirisena offered him the PM’s post but he declined it, because that would have been wrong. He’ll follow the Constitution and the law.

Sajith has good people around him (Harsha, Eran, Mangala, and sorta Champika) and sensible, moderate policies which appeal to many people.

Also Fascism

Those are the only choices. Gota or Sajith. Sajith or Gota. A choice for a strong democrat like AKD is nevertheless a de facto choice for fascism because it splits the vote.

I love and respect AKD but this is the wrong election and he’s hurting the country. The country is going to sleepwalk into fascism and corruption, into the arms of criminals who literally throw the Constitution at people, because the fellowship is broken. Decent, democratic voters are split and AKD is splitting them.

Listen to AKD. Vote for the JVP in the General. But please don’t vote for them now. There’s too much at stake and the choices are just two. Please choose democracy. Remember, third prize is fascism, and fascism sucks.

People have commented that you can vote for AKD and give second preference for not-fascism. This is risky but Nuwan covers it in detail here.

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