Why Substack Sucks

Imagine if Facebook paid Ben Shapiro. That’s Substack Pro



Substack lets you send email newsletters. Like a platform it attracts bad actors, but unlike a platform Substack pays them directly. Imagine if Facebook paid Ben Shapiro a salary. That’s Substack Pro.

Substack Pro is not a platform. Substack Pro hires writers, for thumping amounts. Substack pays these guys a years salary if they publish on a schedule. Substack denies that they’re hiring anyone, but what do words mean? That’s literally how you hire a writer.

You just hired writers.
Substack: No we didn’t. We gave them a ‘sum’ to write articles for us.

Yeah, you just described hiring a writer.
Substack: [waves hand] these are not the droids you’re looking for.

While Facebook can deny responsibility for Ben Shapiro’s hate speech (“we’re just a platform!”), Substack cannot. They fucking pay writers directly. This is brazen even by Silicon Valley standards. The ‘neutral platform’ defense is sacred, one does not simply pay users directly. We don’t know who Substack Pro is paying, but now it’s basically TERF Island over there. Lots of white people peddling hate. And they get paid straight out of the corporate account.

We’ve seen instances of tech companies allowing hate group leaders to acquire huge followings through negligence, from white supremacist YouTube stars to a President who has to be banned from Twitter for trying to start a civil war, but those were cases where the platforms failed to keep bigots out. Substack is actively bringing the bigots in. Then it’s giving them paychecks. (Jude Ellison Sady Doyle)

Substack is like the Moneyball of mendacity. If you’re an HR nightmare at any publication, if you’ve been de-platformed everywhere else, come to Substack. They’ll even pay you directly. As long as you can put numbers on the board, who gives a fuck?

You’re a Substack Pro.

Substack’s Vapid Philosophy

You don’t have to take my word for it. Just read co-founder Hamish McKenzie’s explanation and tell me if your head doesn’t explode. It’s a moral black hole. Words lose all meaning. Time becomes a flat circle. Only whiteness can escape.




Indrajit (Indi) Samarajiva is a Sri Lankan writer. Follow me at www.indi.ca, or just email me at indi@indi.ca.