Why America Needs Foreign Correspondents

Your media is blind. You need an outside eye



The Minister Of Education by Kudzanai Chiurai

People ask why I write about America. Why do Americans write about Sri Lanka? Just consider me your faithful foreign correspondent.

One cannot see that their own fly is open. You need an outside eye. In this case, America, you have no pants, you’re screaming, and you’re covered in blood. Put down the steroids and walk away from the nukes.

Let me help you with a few simple words. You use these words on other countries all the time. They now apply to you:

Corruption. Concentration Camps. Collapse. Nepotism. Racism. Election Rigging. Abduction. Torture. Brutal Repression.Crimes Against Humanity. Forced Sterilizations. Fascism.

American media comfortably uses this language for the abroad, often accurately. These words condense many details into the general horror that they are. The same media, however, gets all mealy-mouthed at home. It honestly gets absurd.

The same NYTimes that brought you ‘enhanced interrogation’, is now calling vaginal mutilation ‘invasive gynecology procedures’. We are talking about knives cutting the genitals of captive migrant women. How they dress up the monstrous in words, and take it to tea.

The truth is that America runs concentration camps. America does forced sterilizations. These atrocities are all out in the open, only hidden under the ponderous bias of your own media. They don’t even lie about it, they just censor by synonym. They have flooded the zone with noise.

This is why you need an outside perspective to be like, ‘uh, no, sterilizing and mutilating women is a crime against humanity.’ You truly cannot see yourselves because you are yourselves. America needs foreign correspondents for you have become foreign unto yourselves.

We Live in Silence XII, 2017 by Kudzanai Chiurai

Set Up A Foreign Bureau

American media corporations should set up foreign bureaus. In America. These need to be staffed with journalists…




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