White People Keep Looking For Hitler Everywhere But In The Mirror

White Empire needs to keep creating Hitler everywhere, to distract from their own atrocities

12 min readMar 3, 2022
Hitler rehearsing in the mirror (source)

I use white people in this sense. If that bothers you, please think about whether you’re comfortable yelling out ‘white pride’ in public. If you’re not, then examine that feeling closer, and renounce your own whiteness.

Be a race traitor, and join the human race. It takes time, I know, but think about it. I don’t identify as brown.

It’s easy to forget that before World War II, the biggest evil in the world was the Western Allies. America was a totalitarian nightmare for black people, and a big inspiration for the Nazis. The UK, France, etc were brutal, racist empires with their boots on the neck of the world. Hitler looked at these empires and, frankly, felt left out.


‘These photos, taken by his personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, were apparently intended to give the Führer an insight into how he looked to the German public.’ (source)

Hitler saw the looting and pillaging of colonialism and thought “What’s left for Germany? We got scraps.” As he said in Mein Kampf:




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