What Should You Do About Ukraine? Nothing.

This ain’t a cartoon and you’re not the good guys. Grow up

5 min readMar 19, 2022


The Hippocratic oath, which doctors take. Empire has instead taken an oath of hypocrisy

Too many people inside the White Empire think they need to ‘do something’ about Ukraine. Or China. Or Somalia. After laying waste to a quarter of the world, they’re pointing to the rest of it, like, ‘you need some help with that?’ No, you fucking war criminals. Y’all killed millions of people in the past few decades alone. You need to sit the rest of this century out.

You don’t need to do anything about Ukraine. Your input isn’t needed on China. You imperial citizens would do the most good by just not making things worse.

You need to do what everybody else does when there’s a problem halfway across the world. Nothing. You blundering idiots just make everything worse.

Oh Baby Baby

What imperial citizens, especially Americans, need to understand is the basic principle of do no harm. Doctors take this Hippocratic oath so they don’t just cut people open because ‘somebody had to do something!’ Americans have taken an oath of hypocrisy instead.

Their wars of empire are always interventions, not invasions. Their military is always defensive, while the countries they surround are the offensive ones. They’re not flooding warzones with weapons, that’s just ‘lethal aid’. That’s not torture, it’s ‘enhanced interrogation’. The hypocrisy goes on and on.

People at the imperial core still cling to the fundamental delusion that their White Empire is ultimately good and just keeps making mistakes. That Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, etc were all just cases of ‘ooops, I did it again! I blew you apart, got lost in the game!’

Well let me tell you. You’re not that innocent.

The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Americans and Europeans don’t live with war. They just watch it on TV like Saturday morning cartoons. Like any cartoon, there’s good guys and bad guys, and like most cartoons, it’s all designed to sell toys. Stingers! Javelins! Drones! Only in this case…




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