What Marrying Into Money Taught Me About Capitalism

The game is rigged. I know because I’m winning

6 min readMar 13, 2021


The rich get richer isn’t a saying, it’s literally how capitalism works. All that stuff about hard work and ‘hustle’ is bullshit. It’s not called ‘laborism’ lol, capitalism is all about CAPITAL. Let me give you the example of my life.

I married into money. For your purposes, I am labor and my wife is capital. You can see the whole game play out within our marriage.


Let’s look at how our monthly income breaks down.

I get up and write every day, which is labor. Light labor, but labor nonetheless. My wife gets up and studies, but her income comes from investments, which is capital. I haven’t really put this together before, the breakdown is shocking even to me.

Labor accounts for just 35% of our income, and we spend it all. Groceries, phone bills, I pay that. This is the normal life most people know, and all I knew before I got married. Money goes in, money goes out, month after month.

Capital is the vast majority of our income, and most of it gets reinvested. And then it makes more money the next month. This is what people really don’t understand. At least I didn’t until I married into it. Money fucks like rabbits in the bank and if you’re a laborer, you’re just getting screwed.


Now let’s look at our wealth. As mentioned, we spend nearly 100% of my income, so the labor share is really zero, but I’ll be generous and include the profits from the sale of a company that we spent seven years building. Like most labor, that was stupid. We could have put the money into an FD and earned much more lying on the beach.

As you can see, 90% of our wealth is from capital. And this amount just keeps growing. If we keep reinvesting the interest, our wealth from capital will DOUBLE in about six…




Indrajit (Indi) Samarajiva is a Sri Lankan writer. Follow me at www.indi.ca, or just email me at indi@indi.ca.