Western Nations Are The Most Corrupt Places In The World

Speaking fees, lobbying, ‘donations’ — it’s all just corruption

5 min readFeb 2, 2021
You get the bag and fumble it
I get the bag and flip it and tumble it (yeah)
Straight out the lot, 300 cash (cash)
And the car came with a blunt in it (yeah)

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is corrupt. She’s taken millions of dollars in ‘speaking fees’ from the financial industry. The United Kingdom is corrupt. It maintains a network of colonial islands used for money laundry. The EU is corrupt. It allows multiple tax ‘havens’ where member states lose up to 26% of their tax revenue.

These countries, however, do not call themselves corrupt. Corruption is for colored people, and organizations like Transparency International make racist “perception” maps to tell us so. Have a look. This map shows TI’s corruption perception index (ie, how corrupt elites think a place is).

Congratulations, dicks, you made map of racism. Africa very scary. Black people very corrupt. Now let’s actually follow the money. Look at where all the tax havens are, and where the money flows out of:

Showing tax havens (green) and where the money is flowing out of (red). MissingProfits.world




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