Vaccines Aren’t Stopping COVID And We Need To Talk About It

By over-promising on vaccines and under-delivering, Western elites have imperiled public health for generations
4 min readAug 11, 2022
Getting my 4th shot with my parents. I support vaccines 100%. But they are not 100% of public health

To fly into India I had to either be vaccinated or have a PCR test. The former of course makes no sense anymore. Vaccinated people are getting infected left and right. I’m quadruple vaxxed and had COVID last month.

Vaccines were sold by the West as a panacea for the pandemic, but that’s been exposed as pablum. Vaccines were always just a part of a larger public health policy, but they ignored and denigrated all that shit. Following their lead, many countries have just given up on basic measures like test/trace/isolate. And so COVID is ripping through our populations even worse than ever.

This is causing real death, disability, and destruction to real people, especially the most vulnerable. People are getting infected over and over, and we still don’t know the long-term consequences of this shit. I’m youngish and quite healthy and I still have a cough a month later. We’ve told vulnerable and immunocompromised people to effectively fuck off and die so we can go shopping. Having a raging pandemic is both unconscionable and completely normal now. That’s the really scary part. It’s not just the loss of human life…



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