To Be Good, Abandon Humanity

You got to think bigger than yourself to be your best self
3 min readJan 30


A conversation with Lord Vishnu

Only by abandoning your humanity can you truly be good. Humanity is ultimately too limiting, too spee’shist. What’s good for us is torture for cows and collapse for the climate. We’re fundamentally no better than crocodiles, cool in small numbers but chaos if left unchecked. To be attached to this particular avatar in aeons of evolution is unnecessarily limiting. Frankly, who gives a fuck about humanity. There’s much more going on in the world.

Evolutionarily speaking, we’re just a carbonic fart in the wind. Philosophically speaking, ‘human’ and ‘self’ are very recent and not even especially interesting identities. Whatever humans are is just one form of life, and however modern humans understand themselves is only one for of understanding. There’s more out there and appealing to your humanity is like appealing to your love for your childhood school. It’s important, certainly, but at some point you have to leave your neighborhood to get anywhere. And so it is with understanding.

The first point about understanding, of course, is that you can’t understand. That some things just do not fit into monkey brain. You can feel them but you can’t understand them. Understanding has to start with the humility that some things cannot be understood. Otherwise you don’t understand the power of Ishvara and you’re deluding yourself from the beginning.

In a Vedic or and religious sense, the idea that humans are the most important thing in the world is laughable, and this makes sense. We may be blessed by the gods but we are not gods. What a joke. We can’t even control the weather, which even a dragon can do. The trouble is that instead of lighting sacrificial fires to others, we started lighting fires only to our selves. We began worshiping our own greed, as embodied by the creed Capitalism, and here we are, at the end of every deal with the Devil. Him collecting his dues.

This is of course a tragedy for the immediate party, but that’s not you. First off, it’s not even the human species getting killed off, it’s 95% of other species. We will certainly die off in numbers, but we’re cockroaches with guns. The species will be fine. Unfortunately for everyone else of Earth.



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