How They Kill Palestinians Twice

Once under rubble, then again under rubbish


Israeli Stormtroopers attacking the funeral of the journalist they killed, Shireen Abu Akleh

My wife’s uncle was killed last year. The family has spent almost a year fighting not for his life but for his death. For a murder verdict. He was killed by powerful people who used the corrupt police and press to try and cover the whole thing up, as suicide. I think about this as I watch the open genocide of Gaza. Whether it’s homicide or genocide, they try to cover it up and blame the victim. This is what the most powerful (and prolific) killers do. They take not just your life, but your death.

This is how it is when you face state killers. They have the power to ‘state’ things, so they state that you deserved it, or that you killed yourself, or that it didn’t happen at all. And the mass media happily plays the tune. They cover up murder and mass murder with equal gusto. In Sri Lanka, our uncle was murdered in broad daylight in a professional hit, and crooked journalists still call it a ‘mystery’. In Israel, American bombs and a professional military obliterate 10,000 people (and counting!) while the NYTimes buries them in verbal rubble. They shamelessly run headlines like “Explosion Gazans Say Was Airstrike Leaves Many Casualties in Dense Neighborhood.” WTF does this even mean? That story was Israel bombing a decades-old refugee camp. The image was a journalist holding the body of his dead child. All of the free press in the West are just privatized propaganda. They’re accomplices to mass murder, to state it plainly.

I’ve seen this real collusion happen in my personal life, and now we can all see it every day in the global news. Just as the mass media works with the homicidal police, they work with genocidal militaries too. This is how the powerful roll. They take your life and then they take your death too. They beat the pall-bearers at your funeral. Absolute ghouls.

Right now in Palestine, Genocide Joe Biden — some chickenhawk from Connecticut who should really focus on Palestine, Ohio— said he has “no confidence in the number that the Palestinians are using.” This is the world’s largest arms dealer lecturing people with their arms blown off. At that point, the number of Palestinian dead was 7,000. Now it’s 10,000. It’s only accelerating, as America sends generals, troops, warships, and gigantic bombs to drop on a a…



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