The Unique American Empire

The final avatar of White Empire, which commands earth, water, and air with firepower
11 min readJun 10, 2024
“Let me tell you about America exceptionalism.” Still from American Psycho

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The White Empire under America is historically unique. Many empires have conquered earth, a few have conquered sea, but only one has dominated air so completely. America is the final and most fearsome avatar of White Empire, which had all the elements under its command. Earth, water, and air all bowed to its superior firepower. But that’s all ending now. The White Empire is already history. It just takes a while for the bloody pages of history to dry.

Terms (White Empire)

The greatest whiteness of the White Empire is that it just blends into the background, like the white space on this page. I made up the name White Empire cause I got tired of repeating America+Europe+UK+Canada+Australia+Occupied Japan+Occupied Korea, etc. The greatest trick the Devil pulled was convincing the world He didn’t exist. White Empire is like this, and this is an American innovation. The British Empire was proudly Rule Britannia but American Empire is the amorphous Rules-Based Order. Whose rules? Their rules. But they don’t come out and say it. They are the hypocritical hegemon, and this has been remarkably effective. They just blend into the…



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