The Same People That Lied About WMDs Want To Sell You A ‘Lab Leak’

Are we stupid enough to believe in American ‘intelligence’ again?


“I’m going to do a bump later, but this could be anthrax” — Colin Powell in 2003, sources say.

America is making a big show about looking for a ‘lab leak’ in China like they made a big show about inspecting Iraq for weapons of mass destruction. Are we really going to fall for this shit again? Haven’t we seen this movie before? Didn’t it suck?

There’s no evidence for COVID-19 being created in a lab, but there doesn’t have to be. America doesn’t have to manufacture consent. They just have to manufacture doubt. They don’t need to prove anything, they just need to sow doubt. Doubt was good enough to bomb Iraq, and it’s good enough for Cold War II today.

Manufacturing Doubt

America doesn’t need a Ministry of Propaganda. Who needs state media when you have a prostrate press? The CIA just farts into the phone and the Wall Street Journal serves it up as a three-course meal.

Behold this headline, and then read on for how it’s all bullshit.

From the WSJ, see end of article for how to get round their paywall

First note the passive voice. There’s no subject to this sentence because their…



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