The Planned Starvation Of Gaza

A medieval siege with modern weaponry


I don’t want to post pictures of Gazans starving. This is a handmade tatreez from Resistance News Network. You can read what each bit means.

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We are witnessing the planned and brutally executed starvation of two million souls. I struggle to engage with this fact directly, I find it viscerally difficult. As Chris Hedges writes in excruciating detail, ‘Israel’ is starving and sickening the people that it couldn’t bomb or shoot. The bodies it couldn’t tear apart with metal are being torn apart from inside, as they run out of clean water and food. ‘Israel’ is bombing food convoys, blocking them with organized protests, and America and its vassals have cut off aid to the UNRWA, to starve these people completely. This is all happening in plain sight. In plain view. It is a historical atrocity, live on the news.

‘Israel’s’ plan from the beginning has been devilishly simple. Just kill everyone. ‘Israel’ has systematically destroyed health facilities to spread disease. They have specifically cut off access to insulin to kill those people. They have cut off oxygen supplies, fuel, medicine in general. Everything that sustains life, because their aim is to kill as many people as possible.

They have sniped entire families in cars, with the six-year old child Hind left between the bodies for hours. Then they shot at the ambulances coming to…



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