The Myth Of Sterilization Pills

Like anti-vaxxers but with more racism

An art at the National Art Gallery (Colombo), apologies but I’ve forgotten the artist’s name

In my country there is a very common belief you can sterilize people through food, bras or sneaky surgery. This is ignorance.

This ignorance is pointed at one group — Muslims. Not only is this impossible thing happening, Muslims are doing it. This is hatred.

People act on this hatred. They boycott and destroy Muslim businesses, including humble roadside eateries and charities that feed the needy. They burn Muslim shops and assault people. They ruin doctors lives and leave a community living in fear. This is suffering.



You cannot sterilize anyone with one pill. This pill does not exist.

Birth control pills do exist, but women have to take them every day. Women can get temporary devices implanted in their uterus or arm, but you cannot eat them. No one can sneak an IUD into a parata and it will not end up in your uterus even if you do eat it.

Birth control pills for men, sadly, do not exist. This is because stopping billions of a sperm is a hard problem and men don’t really care about this problem. Men can wear condoms but again, if you eat a condom it does not end up on your penis.

To repeat, there is no toffee, no parata, no rice and curry that can sterilize anyone. Because there is no sterilization pill. It just does not exist.


You cannot sterilize anyone with a bra. Breasts are not part of the female reproductive system. In any mammal. No matter how hard you squeeze your breasts it will not affect your fertility. Please look at a human body and think.


Sterilization surgery does exist. Men and women can have their (different) tubes tied and in extreme cases the uterus or testes can be removed. For women a substance can also be placed in the fallopian tubes to block it. All of these are surgical procedures.

Women can have their tubes tied after a c-section. This procedure takes about 30 minutes and as with any hospital birth involves multiple people. Unless there’s an active conspiracy it’s highly unlikely that a lone doctor is just going to tool around in there for half an hour.

While sterilization surgery is technically possible, someone involuntarily sterilizing you is nearly impossible.


This could all fall into the realm of dumb WhatsApp medical advice were it not directed at a community. Ignorance + hatred leads to the idea that Muslims are somehow doing this impossible thing. Let’s get into what this conspiracy would require.

First, ‘Muslims’ would have to be an organized body. If you look at the Muslim community they are not, they are a bunch of individuals that don’t even agree on an interpretation of their shared religion. They can’t even agree on whether to put raisins in wattalapan (no). Furthermore, Muslims would have to be organized in secret — a conspiracy.

Second, this conspiracy would have a secret R&D organization which has invented something shared human science has not — a one-time sterilization pill. Which also disappears into food and survives cooking. Which would be worth billions, but nevermind.

Third, this conspiracy has a secret distribution network, extending to the smallest rice-and-curry joint. Furthermore, the people working there would have to eyeball what race their customers are and then sterilize them.

Finally, a separate conspiracy is also being carried about by doctors who are somehow co-opting or deceiving multiple diverse staff, and then there is of course the R&D unit that’s figured out contraceptive bras, in contravention of all biology.

From one dumb belief — sterilization pills — springs this all this absurdity.


However, this is not just an annoying WhatsApp forward. Based on this lie, people have rioted — burning shops and assaulting people. They have ruined a doctor’s life. They have shuttered a charity that fed thousands of people a day. They have left an entire community living in fear, damaged the economy and indirectly supported terrorism.

Out of ignorance and hatred they have caused untold suffering. And it’s from the top, this is a common belief, spread by monks and politicians. No one is coming out and clearly pointing out the absurdity, nevermind the racism.

It’s so stupid, and so sad. Because at the end of the day poor people selling food get run out of business, or get their meagre possessions smashed. People start avoiding Muslim doctors, or hospital births altogether. And a country gets more divided, and terrorists start to make more sense. Because this is insane.

There are no sterilization pills. There is no vast Muslim conspiracy. There is only ignorance and hatred and suffering, and it is wrong.

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