The Horror Of Watching The Genocide Of Gaza In Real-Time

If this isn’t terrorism, what is? It’s terrifying


I am a father. How can I not feel this man’s pain, and feel a rising rage in response? Image via Belal Khaled

How many dead children do I see before breakfast? I can’t eat. How many voices do I hear screaming? I can’t speak. How many families are completely obliterated? I can’t be. I can’t imagine all of these horrors and more, and yet I must imagine because they’re real. The genocidal violence that Israel and America is unleashing on Palestine is being broadcast around the world, and it is the most brutal terrorism the world has ever seen. If this isn’t terror, what is? It’s terrifying.

The terror is that the violence is so ordinary, they’re just openly targeting civilians in the places we’re supposed to feel safe. And it makes a mockery of the world around me. I took the kids to a play area today and though, ‘this is a place Israel would be bombing.’ I watch a movie where a man went to a hospital, and thought the same thing. Everything normal, everything safe, everything sacred, that’s what they attack with high explosives. If this isn’t terrorism, I don’t know what is. It’s just pure evil, and the loss of life, the loss of limbs, that’s not even the worst of it. Empire doesn’t just take your life, they lie about your death, and make your family fight for that too.

I’ve had family killed by the state and I know what it’s like to be murdered by the powerful. Their power extends through words and media and laws, and they use it to take away your death too. They blame you for your own killing, they blame your people, they spread every lie and innuendo. They put you in the ground, and then they drag your name through the dirt too. The Palestinians know this better than anybody. When Israel murdered the journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, they lied about it, then sent goons to assault her pallbearers. At the funeral. That’s how evil these people are, and now they’ve gone absolutely wild with genocidal fury. They’re killing, lying, and denying in the thousands, a thousand atrocities every day, only a few of which we even know. But the ones we know cut to the bone, because they murder such ordinary people. It could easily be me or you. We can easily imagine it so. And so their terrorism really hits home.

Now, when my children ask me for a glass of water, I think about the fathers that…



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