The Heroes Of Hamas

And all the brave resistance fighters of Palestine


As the fog of war (and the fog machine of western media) clears, the Palestinian Resistance emerge as real heroes. Look at the absolute evil they’re fighting against and how they fight. In Hamas we have an army of orphans fighting against an entire colonial Empire. We have brave young refugees taking down tanks with their bare hands. We have disciplined Muslims taking care of prisoners and returning them smiling.

Then look at what they’re fighting against.

The Israeli Occupation Forces bombs hospital and homes from above, like cowards. They bombed their own positions on October 7th, because they were so scared and incompetent. Their ground troops run at the first sign of actual combat. They cut off food, water, and fuel to an entire population. They murder journalists, UN workers, first responders, bomb ambulances, and kill and abduct doctors. Basically they kill everyone except enemy soldiers, who they are terrified of. Israel returns kidnapped children with broken bones, and then goes out and kidnaps (and kills) even more. Then they tell the dumbest lies about all this, adding insult to injury.

It’s simply vile to condemn ‘both sides’ here. We’ve got an occupation and a resistance here, one doing patently evil shit and the other being disciplined. I’m with the Resistance. Duh.

Six wars old, by Visualizing Palestine

Double Standards

It’s crazy that a refugee army fighting out of a concentration camp are held to higher moral standards than an occupying military, but that’s the topsy-turvy world we live in. Hamas has cleared this bar and then some, if you look objectively. From the initial attack of October 7th to their ongoing resistance to genocide, they’re the ones behaving like a proper army, while the Israelis behave like absolute terrorists.

The Al Aqsa Flood

The Al Aqsa Flood of October 7th was a disciplined hit on the occupying army and occupying settlers. There was no raping, torture, or beheading at all. Those are just racist lies that Israel spread and the western press…



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