The Debt Slavery Of A Nation

How Sri Lanka has been thrown to the loan sharks


Sri Lanka’s 2022 protests failed and things have become even worse

Since Sri Lanka defaulted on its debt we have been colonized again. This time by the IMF, with policy run out of the American Embassy with Indians as enforcers. Same colonial shit, different capitalist day. This is marketed as ‘stabilization’ but it’s really just the rich standing on the backs of the poor and calling it a table. All that is happening is what happens to any poor family when the loan sharks bite. Productive assets are being sold off and the children are going hungry. They say this is for our future but what is a future without children? We are sacrificing a generation for the greed of few. What an abomination.

Thieves And Robbers

What we have in Sri Lanka is the people responsible for crashing the economy — indeed, those who profited from it — deciding how to ‘fix’ it. And they use inscrutable economic language to explain why policies the people hate must be imposed. As Leo Tolstoy said over a century ago:

It is admitted as an undoubted truth that if in society many thieves and robbers have sprung up who take from the labourers the fruits of their labour, this happens not because the thieves and robbers have acted badly, but because such are the inevitable economic laws, which can only be altered slowly by an evolutionary process indicated by science; and therefore, according to the guidance of science, people belonging to the class of robbers, thieves or receivers of stolen goods may quietly continue to utilize the things obtained by thefts and robbery.

Though the majority of people in our world do not know the details of these tranquilizing scientific explanations any more than they formerly knew the details of the theological explanations which justified their position, yet they all know that an explanation exists; that scientific men, wise men, have proved convincingly, and continue to prove, that the existing order of things is what it ought to be, and that, therefore, we may live quietly in this order of things without ourselves’ trying to alter it.

Only in this way can I explain the amazing blindness of good people in our society who sincerely desire the welfare of animals, but yet with quiet consciences devour the lives of their…



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