The Arseholes Of Democracy

To all the people supporting all this war
8 min readNov 1, 2023
One of America’s liberal warmongers, Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Shot by Reuters’ Kevin Lamarque.

Westerners, those arseholes of democracy, never actually vote on war. They just watch it on TV, like so many Saturday cartoons, advertising bloody-minded toys. More historically, they’re just the latest imperial plebes in the greatest imperial Colosseum ever built. Every day brutalized populations are paraded across their screens to be tortured and killed, and they get a thrill from having a thumbs up or down opinion about it.

The whole vaunted ‘arsenal of democracy’ is just a Roman circus without the bread. All of these wars, all of this death, all of this open genocide and murder and torture and theft; it’s all a show to them. If a bomb ever hits their countries, they freak out and destroy an entire nations (or two, or three, or four). Then make movies about how bad it made them feel. As I said, these are the arseholes of democracy. Bloody minded children being relentlessly marketed war. And business is good.

At this point, what I call the White Empire, now capital’d in America, cannot build anything. That’s all been outsourced. All they have left is destruction. Of allies and enemies alike. While China builds infrastructure with its Belt and Road initiative, America just destroys it with its ‘rules-based order’. What rules? We rule. Fuck you. It’s not just enemies like Libya…



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