The #1 Fitness Tip: Be Rich

Towards a Marxist workout plan
8 min readSep 23, 2020
Look, it’s easy

My wife and I have gotten in ‘shape’ because of wealth, not willpower. I mean, we work at it, but being rich is not hard work. We have a cook and can control our diet. We can buy exercise equipment and, most importantly, have the uninterrupted time to use it.

Capital give you two things, time and money (ie, other people’s labor). Thus capitalism pervades everything, including how and if you can get fit.

Let me explain.

From the book Athlete by Howard Schatz. All fit, all different.

First a digression. You look great today. Just the way you are.


Fitness is extremely complicated, culturally defined, and not really a real thing. Certainly not worth being unkind over. Howard Schatz has photographed many athlete bodies, as above, and someone can be highly fit in a body that does not ‘fit’ culturally.

At the same time, if we are truly worried about other people’s health, WHY ARE WE CRUEL TO THEM? We wouldn’t go up to a cancer patient and say, “you’re looking especially cancerous today, have you tried chemo?” and yet we regularly do this to ‘overweight’ people (note to my extended…



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