Thank you for the typo Fjord Fey Mess. I think floating on Venus would be fairly simple. As Landis says in an interview:

“So, create a bubble, fill it with Earth-like atmosphere, and it would float on Venus. “If you could just take the room you’re sitting in and replace the walls with something thinner, the room would float on Venus,” said Landis.” (Universe Today).

We would just need to transport enough gas to fill a room. There are of course other engineering problems, but my point is that the engineering challenges on Mars are far more daunting.

And yes Maurizio Spadari, if you fell out you would fall to hell. The atmosphere is light but still less dense than the human body. You’d likely need to walk around with an emergency balloon parachute, some sort of lifevest that would inflate with buoyant gas. Or you could try to fart your way up.

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