Thank God For The Weekend (A Poem)

Why it’s nice to have time off, to be on

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Thank God for the weekend, and I don’t mean a tweak-end,
A freak-end, the singer the Weeknd, or anything so stoned.
Thank God for leaving the phone on charge,
Leaving the grandparents in charge,
And watching Godfather with the wife, alone.

‘Thank God’ is just a saying, but he did gives us a day in,
He did see fit to weigh in, while explaining, in stone.
Thank Satan for Saturday? Or at least thank the Jews,
It’s another day we can use,
For doing nothing much at home.

Thank God for little kids, who are basically on acid,
All week they think we’ve hid, exited, that they’re alone,
Cause workweeks are for work, and weekends are for shirk,
Unless you see it from the perspective,
Of little clones.

Cause weekends are for us, who we love, not who pays up,
They’re for pups and what’s ups with those we know,
They’re for being where we want to be, seeing who we want to see,
And though it feels just like a dream,
That’s the beauty.
Once a week.
We all stop.
To just be free.

*unless you’re in the service industry.

Written by

A writer living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He/him. Videos: Patreon:

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