Staring At Starvation

The slow and intentional starvation of Gaza


The people in Gaza are being starved to death. It’s just a medieval siege with modern machinery. It’s barbarism via bureaucracy. It’s not just ‘Israel’, it’s the entire White Empire, America and all its bitches. They’ve cut off funds for the UNRWA that delivers food, while delivering even more bombs to the people literally bombing food supplies. The US Ambassador to the UN openly calls for a ‘final solution’. They are intentionally starving two million people to death, half of them children, while the world watches. While we all watch, helplessly.

In truth, this isn’t even the first starvation White Empire has executed recently. Empire regularly uses food as a weapon, and as a message to those that dare defy it. There was the starvation of Yemen for nearly a decade. The denial of aid to Syria even after a devastating earthquake. The theft of foreign exchange from Afghanistan as they retreated. The genocide of America and the Americas themselves. ‘Israel’ is really just Empire acting as it always does, just more mask-off with its atrocities.

Ever since World War II — when America got away with massive war crimes against civilians — war crimes have been their strategy. They call their ‘strategic bombing’ but it’s really just slaughtering civilians, discriminately. From Dresden to Korea to Vietnam to Iraq to Palestine they hit civilians on purpose. It uses less soldiers than actually fighting, and they can still use expensive bombs, so it makes plenty money.

Another part of their cowardly strategy is sanctions, which is just the white word for sieges. Sanctions have been used to cut Cuba for decades, including cutting them off from ventilators during COVID. They were also used against Iraq for decades, killing tens of thousands of children. They have been used across the world, collectively punishing civilians to try and overthrow governments.

Neither the bombing nor the sanctions work (America loses every war), but they keep doing it anyway. At this point, cruelty is the strategy. The Empire has really been on autopilot since World War II, bombing endlessly.

Now its garrison state near the gas station is replaying the greatest atrocities of World War II. Gaza was just a big concentration…



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