Socialism For Babies At Least

Toddlers of the world unite


Babies just scream and you have to figure out what’s wrong. Sometimes you can’t and you just walk around singing and hugging them at 4 AM. Babies grow up, but I honestly don’t think human beings change that much. Even as adults, we’re often just screaming with words.

As adults, if we’re feeling bad, people ask “what’s wrong?” The answer is very often that we don’t know. Maybe we’re hungry. Maybe we’re sleepy. Maybe we’re not shitting right. The first things we check for in babies are the last things we check for in adults. But what changed, really? We’re bigger but we’re still bodies.

With complicated social problems, we look for complicated solutions, but what if we started where caring parents did? What if we made sure that people had food, that they had a roof over their heads, that they could rest, that they were healthy. Then we could check on what else is bothering them.

If that seems weird to you for some reason (economics! no handouts!) shouldn’t we at least be doing this for children? How can we even call ourselves a civilization if children are hungry, sleeping rough, and die of preventable illnesses? This seems like the bare fucking minimum to call our society organized. What we have now is just a concrete jungle, with rich people as apex predators.

I was reading a book called Beasts which had this disturbing observation about the few elephants that behave as humans do, cruelly killing and raping other creatures (as humans do). Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson said that the elephants only did this when they were traumatized themselves.

Beasts: What Animals Can Teach Us About The Origins Of Good & Evil

I was reading this and I was like, shit, we’re a really traumatized species. Just look into your own families and I’m sure there’s trauma somewhere. Then you can see that trauma persisting generationally, in my experience as anxiety. But it gets worse of course. Sometimes so bad the traumatic behavior repeats.

A lot of ‘ways to change the world’ involve getting traumatized, traumatizing adults to somehow change their thinking en masse. Many articles I read (and write) boil…



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