Remember Ukraine?

Ukraine is being abandoned and forgotten


Now that the White Empire has found a poor population to drop expensive bombs on in Gaza, they’re cutting bait on Ukraine. What do you hear about Ukraine now? Crickets. The mechanical locusts of Empire have moved onto Gaza, to feed on poor souls without air defenses, NATO’s usual diet.

Today, privatized propaganda outlets barely cover Ukraine at all. Zelensky cannot get an audience of Capitol Hill or even Oprah. The same outlets also put out stories about how Ukraine is losing, or stalemating, and saying they need to negotiate. They are, as the saying goes, cutting bait. At the same time, the US Congress is not releasing more funds for Ukraine, at a point when delay means death. Joe Biden said they’d be with Ukraine until the end, and this is it.

When The Think Tanks Retreat

The think tank army is abandoning Ukraine first. In Foreign Affairs, the veteran swamp monster Richard Haas talks about ‘Redefining Success In Ukraine’ (as failure). In Wall Street Journal, some Carnegie felons say ‘It’s Time to End Magical Thinking About Russia’s Defeat.’ Of course, they still magically think this isn’t, thus, a defeat for NATO, which it is. The great imperial trick, however, is to get over the last war by burying some new people under rubble, which is precisely what they’re doing now.

The western elites are simply losing interest in fighting an actual army in Russia when there are women and children to kill in Palestine, which is much easier. The military-industrial complex is simply not geared for picking on someone their own size, which is the problem they faced against Russia. All of NATO’s heavy weaponry is geared for shooting fish in a barrel and completely falls apart if the fish has radar. They were still making good money losing expensive matériel in Ukraine, but it was bad marketing, seeing all that ‘lethal aid’ burn in public.

In Gaza, however, they get to test out sniper drones and new kinds of burning bombs on victims who are, on average, five years old. This is more Empire’s cup of bloody tea, and always was. These guys made their bones on genocide and the tree of Liberty™ must be frequently watered with the blood of innocents. So it was from the ‘settling’ of the US, Canada, and…



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