Racism Takes Food Out Of Peoples Mouths

Racists have shut down the wonderful Janaposha charity

Sick people come to the city from far away. They get free healthcare, but their families struggle to find a place to sleep and a decent meal. There are shops near the hospitals, but they’re expensive and sometimes not super hygenic. Into that void stepped a charity — Janaposha — which many of us haven’t heard of.

Since its inception, the Janaposha Foundation understood that visitors to the country’s main General Hospital were already burdened with a sense of helplessness; a majority travel from far corners of the country seeking healing or visiting sick family members, their sense of despair heightens as many stay hungry to save money or simply because they do not have time to look after themselves or know where to go for a simple meal.

To-date the Janaposha Foundation has annually served over half a million people irrespective of caste, race and religion who availed themselves of free food, sharing meals together in harmony. (Statement via Sunday Times)

Janaposha expanded to help people in Kalubowila and at the Maharagama Cancer Hospital — and yesterday they shut down.

With a sense of responsibility and given the tenuous circumstances, the Foundation is left with no choice but with a heavy heart and a grave sense of despair, forced to suspend operations immediately.

The Foundation is also mindful of its responsibility towards the safety and security of its diverse employees who unstintingly worked together dedicating themselves towards this worthy cause. The suspension of the Foundation’s services will ensure its staff is not endangered in anyway should acts of communal violence be directed towards them.

Why did this happen? In general, ignorance and hatred have led to suffering.

Ignorance: food can cause infertility (it can’t) and Muslims want to sterilize people (they don’t).
Hatred: Muslims are involved in this charity. This charity is sterilizing people.
Suffering: The charity shuts down and thousands go hungry, every day.

Sometimes I can’t even, it just makes me so sad. There is a paper, Divaina, which keeps publishing fake news about this sterilization scare, ruining lives and causing huge communal tensions. It continues. The story ran a quote from an SLPP MP, Gamini Lokuge, which he has since disavowed, but who knows. The SLPP continues its representation of racism— now banning Muslim traders from selling fruits and vegetables in an area they control. It continues.

The racism continues. Meanwhile people go hungry.

This is all racism is. It is just cruelty. Racism is just an excuse to be cruel, it’s a reason to treat other people as less than human. People dress it up in culture, in laws, in history, but it’s no different from one troop of monkeys throwing shit at another. You’re just trying to keep more for you and your relations and less from everyone else.

This works for monkeys because a given kilometer of land can only support a given amount of monkeys, so better if it’s your gene pool. But this doesn’t work for humans. The whole reason we rose above the foraging capacity of an area of land was because we worked together. Because we co-operated.

You can see it in an economy like Sri Lanka. Janaposha had diverse stakeholders that included Muslims. By threatening it, racists hurt all of those stakeholders and — more directly — took food out of the mouths of over 1,400 needy people. Every day. This is negative merit if I have ever heard of it, a daily karmic debit that I hope is being subtracted from the relevant accounts.

This is only the most egregious example, where racist idiots have literally stopped free food going to the poor and needy. Sri Lankan businesses have been under attack ever since this racist and wrong response to the Easter Attacks began. I say Sri Lankan businesses rather than Muslim ones because that is what they are. In our modern civilization businesses employ diverse people, sell to diverse customers and buy from diverse suppliers. They, and we, are all inter-connected, and these shit-throwing idiots are tearing that civilization down.

It breaks my heart at the cruelty and stupidity of it all. People are believing and circulation a stupid lie that sterilization has been reduced to a pill that can be tastelessly hidden in food, and that somehow a vast Muslim conspiracy is running this billion dollar research and distribution network to sterilize some random race in the Indian Ocean. By serving them food. I can thing of no more ungrateful thought.

This idiotic, hurtful lie is circulated by leading monks, politicians and newspapers — it’s not some social media problem, this is very mainstream. And very stupid. A newpaper doesn’t need to do deep fact checking — you cannot sterilize people through food — it’s just not scientificially possible. But this is from a newspaper that reported that literal building bricks were found on Mars. Our leadership doesn’t help, and people do love circulating this grand conspiracy theory where everyone is focusing on their precious, magnificent loins.

It is fucking insane. Ignorance plus hatred just leads to suffering. That’s all it does. This racism is just attacking our shared economy and reducing prosperity for everyone. It has been like this for months, but when they attack charities and humble fruit sellers you can see this hateful idiocy for what it is. Racism is just cruelty. It is an attack on civilization. It literally takes food out of peoples mouths.

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A writer living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He/him. indi@indi.ca. Videos: tiny.cc/indication and podcast: anchor.fm/indication. patreon.com/indication

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