Racism Is The Dragon

A burning effigy

So, nobody likes you. This is unfortunate for a king. You have a powerful job, the most powerful job; but no power. Your Ministers act like they chose you, especially that Prime Minister. You tried to get rid of him but some court that isn’t even a royal court put him back. So you’re stuck going to weddings and funerals, signing things you’ve barely read. On an excellent day you get to open a dam.

You have all of the soldiers and the police and something modern called intelligence with you, but they can’t arrest your enemies and they keep babbling about other enemies and alerts and a whole bunch of nonsense. None of these things have much to do with security, namely your job security, so why bother having these security council meetings at all? You think you might take a vacation, where people respect the crown a bit more.

You’re shopping and someone tells you that some of the alerts have become, well, rather alerting. Alarming even. Bombs. Deaths. Destruction. You continue shopping. After a while you decide you’d better come home.

The cops and soldiers open the files you’d left buried under biscuit crumbs and find the names, addresses and locations of the bombers and quickly round them up. Unfortunately the press has also gotten wind of this information, and since you were in charge of everything, this doesn’t look good. What to do?

You take another vacation. Some foreigners have volunteered to spy on your country which is great because people are saying bad things about you on the line. Also they let you walk on nice carpets and go shopping. Also the perfect time for a little distraction back home.

Some drunken thugs go and smash up some fruit stands, burn shops and houses, stab an occassional man to death. You couldn’t be bothered with such things, just some people ‘taking the law into their own hands’, what to do. You do send your General Secretary to bail them out, because you can’t have the police taking the law into their own hands either. No law in anyone’s hands. Hands off the law!

This is good. People are talking about something else. Let’s keep going. There’s a troll in prison, one that a brave widow put away with great difficulty, with the help of some court. Was it your court? No, one of those pesky unroyal and disloyal courts. Let’s let him out and see if he can make more distraction. The troll then threatens to unleash pandemonium upon the land. Excellent.

So now the people have an enemy that isn’t you. It is part of the people, but not a part which includes you, so this is fine. Much better. So now the people are attacking each other. And your stupid Prime Minister is looking stupid. And you are very smart.

The people chose you to slay a dragon, but you have tamed the dragon! You are riding the dragon! This dragon won’t burn anything. There was once a dragon that ruined the land for generations, but this is your dragon. Good dragon. Perhaps he will take you shopping.

Written by

A writer living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He/him. indi@indi.ca. Videos: tiny.cc/indication. Patreon: patreon.com/indication

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