We Are All Palestinian (In Two Maps)

Palestinian apartheid and vaccine apartheid are the same map



Palestinian apartheid and vaccine apartheid are the same damn map

We are all Palestinian. The entire global majority* lives under western oppression — their patents, their borders, their bombs — Palestine just gets it the worst. Nowhere is it more clear than with COVID-19. If you look at the map of actual apartheid and vaccine apartheid it’s the same map.

Just look.

Who blocks Palestine statehood? The US, the UK, the EU, Australia, and Japan. Who blocks patent-free vaccines? It’s the same people. The arms dealers and the drug dealers, they’re all backed by the same evil empire. The symptom is COVID-19, but the disease is western hegemony. Palestine is being colonized right now, but we all still live under colonialism.

Actual Apartheid

Let’s start with actual apartheid, because it’s easiest to see. Israel is a well-documented apartheid regime, but how? Well, look who doesn’t allow Palestine to exist at the UN:

The people in black talk about a two-state solution but that’s bullshit. In action, they prevent Palestine from being a state. Then they sell Israel arms and give them diplomatic cover for genocide. For decades, they’ve been buying time for war crimes.

While Palestinians are being gaslit into negotiations, Israel keeps taking their land, building walls, and murdering entire families (what they call ‘mowing the grass’). The Palestinians are told to keep waiting for a two-state solution, while their land dissolves in front of their eyes.

Again, just look:

Hence we end up with not two states but one apartheid state. Roughly 7 million Jews control 7 million Palestinians. Jews would actually be a minority if Palestinian refugees had their right of return. And this isn’t just maps. These are people, these are families, these are homes. Zoom in and look at the injustice on the ground:




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