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Keep scrolling down,
I promise you, beneath this line
There’s something to be found

Thumb thumb thumb
Don’t worry when the scrolling ends
Thumb until you’re numb

Don’t stop here,
Think what you may miss,
It’s near, so near, just persevere,
It’s just a little list.

What, not yet?
Fear, chagrin, regret.
Another scroll, hurts no one.
It’s just a little bet.

Here’s something great!
Totally worth the wait.
It’s how you feel, this makes it real.
Share quick, reciprocate!

Now here’s something bad,
Something mean or something sad,
How dare they say, people these days,
Something must be done.


Fake plastic tongue,
You wish that you had one.
Yes that’s right, we know you like,
We checked with everyone.

Now you want to stop?
Look away, there’s not a lot.
Just boredom, work, or thought,
We know you’ll be back,
We’ve thought of that,
We’re just inside your pock-

Fall fall fall,
It’s no effort not at all.
We’ll give you a hit,
A little bit.


Written by

A writer living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He/him. Videos: Patreon:

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