It’s Been A Year. White People Can’t Blame China Anymore

You dumbasses own this pandemic now
5 min readDec 23, 2020


Via the book Yellow Peril

White nations are still blaming China for COVID-19, a whole-ass year later. But China no longer has COVID-19. They beat it, while the western outbreak is only getting worse. At what point will Europe and the US take responsibility for their own pandemic response?

Spoiler Alert: Never, but I’ll go on.

Why didn’t China warn the world earlier?

People say ‘China lied, people died’, a Trumpian inanity dutifully laundered through the Op-Eds. It’s not just white people, I hear it in Sri Lanka as well. All the organs of white power are tooting, most of them unconsciously. China Bad. China Bad. Facts Be Damned.

It’s nonsense.

Just look at numbers. Look at dates. Look at reality.

China did tell us

31 Dec 2019  -  Wuhan reports viral pneumonia
02 Jan 2020 - WHO alerts Global Outbreak Alert
10 Jan - WHO releases comprehensive guidance
11 Jan - China shares genome
First death reported
13 Jan - Moderna vaccine developed
23 Jan - Wuhan locked down
WHO Timeline

Forget all the press releases and tweets, on January 23rd the entire world saw the city of Wuhan shut down. Was there denial in December? Absolutely, but again look around the world. We all denied this at first. The Wuhan shutdown was incontrovertible. You could see it from space. You cannot say we weren’t warned.

Without China releasing the genome so quickly, we wouldn’t have so many vaccines today

China released the entire genome on January 11th, and crazily the Moderna vaccine was developed by January 13th. Without this genome there would have been no PCR testing and no vaccines. China didn’t just warn us about the pandemic, they gave us the tools to fight it. They’ve gotten nothing but scolding in return.

China did tell us in time

“Oh,” but people say. “It was too late.” That’s not true. Again, just look at reality. Look at almost all of…



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