It’s All One Genocide. From Palestine To The Planet

Colonizers call Palestinians ‘human animals’. Just imagine how they treat animals
6 min readNov 8, 2023
“Olive Harvest” by Maher Naji. (Via)

Colonizers always kill plants and animals along with the people. Everybody with genes gets genocided, and everything without is denied spirit entirely. They even use the same word for the bodies and things they destroy. Savage. It’s the same word they use to describe Palestinians today, as they kill them and raze their land. Palestine is the genocide of the planet, in a microcosm. The truth is it’s all one genocide, and we are all Palestinian.

When Israeli colonizers talk about eliminating ‘animal people’, it’s the same as American colonizers attacking ‘merciless savages’ in their Declaration of Independence. It’s the same imperative. Kill the native people and take their land. The language they use is telling. Why do animals deserve to be treated badly? Why do plants (Israel calls its killing sprees ‘mowing the grass’)? Why does the ‘savage’ Earth? You can see how white supremacism and human supremacism are connected. It’s all one continuum.

It’s no coincidence that Israel completely ravages the soil of Gaza with two nuclear bombs worth of explosives (and counting). It’s no coincidence that they uproot ancient olive trees wherever they ‘settle’. Their ongoing genocide of…



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