Israel Lied About October 7th

The Al Aqsa Flood was a military hit, and Israel responded by hitting their own people


The brave people capturing a tank near a concentration camp. From the Al Aqsa Flood

Israel’s claims about October 7th are lies. All the beheaded babies, rape, torture, and even targeting of civilians are lies. The same lies used to put down slave rebellions and anti-colonial movements all the time. They call the native people savages in order to savage them. Israel has lied to create atrocity propaganda, and the western world gleefully distributed it. Together, they have done all the things they accused Hamas of and worse. Every accusation is really a confession.

The funny thing is that Israelis actually release the truth— in Hebrew media and government statistics. Only after the western media has run the genocidal headlines, when it doesn’t matter. The genocide has already been incited. The truth is actually out there in the open and will be in the history books, but Israel doesn’t care. They’re taking the land and killing the people now, which was always the colonial point.

The fact is that the Al Aqsa Flood from Hamas et al was a legitimate hit on an occupying army. Everyone is supposed to scrupulously condemn them, but for what? Breaking out of a concentration camp and hitting the guards? Far from targeting civilians, the Al Aqsa Flood hit military targets. Many of the civilian dead were in fact killed by Israel, in their wild and incompetent reaction. This has all been admitted by Israel, as you’ll see below (or just look around).

To cover up their incompetent violence, Israel spread lurid lies like ‘beheaded babies!’ and ‘rape slaves’ to western audiences, people who have long been conditioned to hate Muslims as they hated Native Americans and whoever they were genociding before. But if you look in the Israeli press and government reports, they actually leak the truth. Many of the people killed in the Al Aqsa Flood were military, and many of the civilians were killed by the IOF themselves. Thus I can rely almost exclusive on Israeli sources here. They really don’t care if you know, they care about facts on the ground. The genocide has already been incited and they’re already expanding their colonization of Palestine, which was the point all along.

The Al Aqsa Flood



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