Israel Is Winning The Genocide And Losing The War

They’re winning battles against babies and losing wars against men


The openly genocidal rhetoric from Israel, via

Israel is waging a genocidal war of extermination whereas Palestine is waging a war of national liberation. These are very different tasks and they are, in essence, fighting past each other.

While Israel seems to be ‘winning’ its battle against Palestinian people, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc are winning street battles with the Israeli Army. The two sides have very different theories of war, with different executions (literally), and different outcomes (eventually). Using war footage, the participants' own statements, and a bit of history, I'll show that while Israel may be winning the genocidal battle against Gaza, they are losing the war for Palestine. Inshallah, Allahu Akbar.

Israel’s Total War (ie Genocide)

Israel is waging a genocide while the resistance is waging war, which are different things altogether. Israel has been relentlessly attacking the civilian population of Gaza, saying ‘we will turn Gaza into an island of ruins’, ‘the focus is on destruction, not accuracy’, ‘animal humans will be treated accordingly’, and ‘there is only one goal: Nakba (expulsion of Palestinians)’.

Genocidal incitement aside, you can tell from their actions. Israel targets hospitals, homes, bakeries, and water tanks; everything they can destroy to make Gaza unlivable. They have been killing children (the average age of casualties is 5) to crush the Palestinian spirit and destroy any future resistance. Israel is waging genocide, with the full backing of the original genociders in America and Europe.

Israel openly appeals to these Western Allies because this is what they did in World War II. The Western Allies massacred millions of civilians in a strategy called ‘Total War’ (also practiced by the Nazis and by the Americans in Indochina). Basically just bomb everything and everybody and try to break the will of an entire people, not just their military.

Americans call this ‘strategic bombing,’ which is an oxymoron. ‘Kill everyone’ is the absolute lack of strategy, it’s just ‘spray and pray’ industrialized and made into a doctrine. ‘Strategic bombing’ is in fact wildly…



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