‘Israel’ Has Lost The Ground War In Gaza

They’re retreating



The retreat of a shattered division

First a shattered ‘Israeli’ battalion retreated from Gaza, then multiple brigades fled. Now a whole division has turned tail and run. What else do you call this? A retreat by any other name still spells defeat. A full 25% of ‘Israel’s’ Army has retreated now. They’re turtling.

‘Israel’ calls this retreat a ‘phase change.’ Unless you’ve set your phasers to dumb, this just means failure. ‘Israel’s’ military objectives were to:

  1. kill as many Palestinians as possible (future Hamas)
  2. kill Hamas (present Hamas)
  3. stop the rockets (past Hamas).

Like the Ghosts of Christmas, however, these three problems are still haunting they ass. For one, Israel still has 98% more Palestinians to kill, for two, Hamas is even stronger as a military now, and — for thirds —even more missiles are coming in, from all over. Militarily ‘Israel’ has made all their problems worse, and so failed at all their political objectives. Their (corresponding) political objectives were:

  1. Break the Palestinian will
  2. Get some trophy kills
  3. Deter anyone from fucking with ‘Israel’ ever again

I won’t even mention the hostages because ‘Israel’ has killed more hostages than it saved (zero). On all three political objective, ‘Israel’ has lost. The Palestinians are still stubbornly existing and fighting, ‘Israel’ has killed zero top leaders in Gaza, and — far from being deterred — the entire region has joined in.

In all cases, ‘Israel’ is in a worse situation than October 6th. Thousands of their soldiers are dead or disabled, the rest are obviously incompetent, they are fighting on at least six fronts, and everybody in the world hates them. As Prussian military theorist Carl von Clausewitz would say, they’re completely fucked. Let’s go through how’ve they’ve lost, one by one.

1. Palestinians still here

If you’re a sociopath, the logical solution to the Palestinian ‘problem’ is simple. Get rid of the Palestinians. Problem solved. This is that actual Israeli strategy, which much of their leadership and public openly states. It’s understandable, in a way. Israel…




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