I agree with many of your points here. I should read these comments more.

There is of course a deeper complexity and indeed interplay between the colonizer and colonized. The book Insurgent Empire goes into this well. Priyamvada Gopal references Edward Said to say:

“What makes cultures and civilizations interesting is ‘not their essence or purity, but their combinations and diversity, the way they have of conducting a compelling dialogue with other civilizations”

She says that “Britain today is itself as much the product of anti-colonialism as it is of the imperial project”. Her book is fascinating like that. It’s about both anti-colonial resistance and British dissent.

I do think we require solidarity across. There absolutely were white people in the UK etc who were stomped on equally viciously by the same capitalists that exploited us. There were absolutely compradors here who did the dirtiest of dirty work for their colonial masters. People here still defend colonialism. I am part of the modern comprador class, with dual citizenship.

And yes, the Nordic countries and, like, Estonia have never fucked with me. Except with climate change.

However, I think the distinction is far less useful than you think. Development aid is bullshit. What we need is relief from onerous debt and freedom of movement for our people. Development aid is part of what keeps us ‘developing’. We do not need this ‘charity’, which is minuscule and self-serving. Equal rights will do. I think what you’re missing is that this distinction keeps more inequality in place than it reduces.

I would explain to you the need to simplify things in writing but you already understand that.

Please note that a big part of what I’m expressing is that I am sick of white power talking down to us. And drowning us. I respond to this by talking down to white power myself. As a rhetorical thing, but I also just feel angry. Note that I mean whiteness in the Noel Ignatiev, Race Traitor sense.

I get enraged hearing people say ‘in the developed world’. I wrote this after seeing Pete Buttigieg say it. It erases us. I agree with you that the binary distinction between developed and developing is not useful anymore. What I would also add, is that it pisses us off.

So yes, I agree with many of your points here. I present an emotive argument which is a true feeling at least. I think the dialectic truth may be somewhere between not me and the racist assholes out there, but somewhere between me and you.

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