How White Empire Blames Everyone Else

Mexico made them do drugs, Russia made them elect Trump, oligarchs made them launder money


The most powerful empire in human history is somehow completely powerless. Mexico makes them do drugs. Russia makes them elect idiots. Oligarchs make them launder money.

Somehow all the drugs, dumbasses, disease, and dirty money got pushed onto White Empire while they were innocently sitting there. Fentanyl just ran across the border and crawled into peoples veins. A few well placed Facebook ads made Americans lose their minds. And all those bankers just had to take the oligarch’s money.

Empire is the real victim here. It’s last call at the Imperial Bar, and these guys are sitting around, complaining and blaming everybody.


Take drugs. America—the capital of White Empire—attracts them like a black hole of despair. Yet this is somehow Mexico’s fault.

Donald Trump said migrants are ‘bringing drugs’ and Tucker Carlson still blames them for America’s opiate usage. Even America cinema makes it about scary cartels and drug dealers, and not about the wide range of ordinary Americans demanding drugs every day.

These heirs to the Romans are killing themselves, and blaming the servants.

The capital of White Empire is wrestling with terrible demons and they can’t seem to look in a mirror unless it’s full of cocaine. It’s their drug problem, but they have to find someone else to blame.

“This week we saw cold hard evidence of the Trump campaign, indeed the Trump family, eagerly intending to collude, possibly, with Russia.” Nancy Pelosi, 2017


This blame game goes both ways. Faced with the embarrassment of Trump, Democrats concluded that this most American idiot must somehow be Russia’s fault.

It’s the flip-side of Trump blaming Mexico for drugs. The Democrats blame Russia for Trump.



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