How Palestine Is Beating Israel Militarily

Israel is winning at war crimes and losing the war


A brave resistance fighter blowing up an Occupation tank. Israel has no similar images at all, and must round up civilians to look like it’s doing something

As Israel rounds up, strips, and executes civilians, it proudly posts photographs saying that these men were Hamas. Which we’re supposed think is evil, simply because the word sounds Muslim. But, even as a Buddhist, I love and revere Islam. These are not bad sounds to me. At the same time, I have seen with my own eyes what the White Empire and Israel actual practices, and heard their lies long enough. Evil is as evil does, and gods know it’s right in front of us now. I’m with the Resistance. More power to them.

The men Israel is pulling out of refugee camps and parading in their underwear are not Hamas, and certainly not the fighters of its Al Qassam Brigades. Israel runs from these actual fighters and has not captured a single one, not even on camera. The men Israel is rounding up for a perverse photo op are just poor civilians; stripped naked, made to kneel in the cold, and — in some cases — field executed. This is just textbook genocide, marketed as war. In truth, Israel is all war crimes and no war. They are winning battles against civilians, and losing the actual war against soldiers.

The Objective Objectives

By Israel’s own stated objectives, they’re losing, and losing bad. Israel’s stated objectives — the objective reasons for this violence — are freeing hostages and destroying Hamas. Israel could have freed hostages on Day One, by exchanging them for the thousands of Palestinian hostages it holds. Instead, Israel took more hostages and attacked civilians, ie everything they accused Hamas of.

If Israel wanted to engage Hamas, all they’d have to do is walk into Gaza. The Al Qassam Brigades will come and find them, as they have been doing whenever Israel shows up. Israel, however, is afraid of this, hiding in tanks that Al Qassam hits anyways, or hiding even further in planes and drones, dropping bombs on defenseless civilians. If Israel wanted to destroy Hamas they’d have to stand and fight on the ground, and take heavy losses. Because the Occupation Forces are cowards, however, they just drop heavy bombs on civilians, and lie about Hamas hiding under the bed. But Hamas is literally underground, and Israel’s genocidal campaign hasn’t weakened…



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