How Inclusion Is Imperialism

White Empire is just diversifying a dumpster fire


Captain Picard in Star Trek, joining the Borg

Include us in what? Colored people and women have always been included in the White Empire at the level of slave and brood mare, and now they are the level of Prime Minister and CEO. But this is merely moving up within the White Empire, not moving out. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not revolution, they are in fact selling out. Include us in the colonial capital dumpster fire just as it burns the whole Earth out? No thank you. This inclusion is imperialism and I want no part.

Some Assumption Sweeping

Before we start, let me clear up the mental space a bit. Let me return to a few concepts that those raised within White Empire take to be good and show how they are philosophically neutral and, in practice, bad. Those concepts are democracy and citizenship.


Like sports, democracy is war with less violence. They are both games, and the first and most important rule is who gets to play. Athenian democracy gave a lot of power to certain Athenian families, but everybody else could be enslaved or tortured at will. Roman democracy was more inclusive, but only after you’d been looted and occupied. American democracy has taken a step back in this regards, occupying and bombing people without even calling it that. If they were as mature as the Romans, Iraq would be a US state, with some say on its own exploitation. But no.

The point is that democracy is A) a game within and B) generally just war without. It is not a naturally good thing that you should mindlessly defend or support just because. Like anything else, you still have to ask what it does and what results it produces, because democracy can be used for great evil like anything else. The ‘backwards and superstitious’ ancients knew this, while people within the modern White Empire believe in democracy like a holy catechism. You can sprinkle it over bombs and flowers grow wherever they fall. After decades of bombs, can’t you see? It doesn’t work that way. Liberal, western democracy is in fact the most exploitative, violent, and hypocritical form of government in human history. It has gone beyond a neutral tool to an active weapon of war.




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