How Human Rights Is Used To Dehumanize The South

It’s just the new ‘white man’s burden’, except gayer, feminized, and even carried out by colored people
4 min readDec 6, 2022


Victor Gillam, “The White Man’s Burden (Apologies to Rudyard Kipling),” originally published in Judge magazine, April 1, 1899. Source: The Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum. (Via)

Every time I hear someone within White Empire talk about human rights I throw up a little. All the vaunted talk about human rights and democracy serves the same purpose as Christianity and civilization did. They’re cynically exploited to attack people in the South and take our shit.

Westerners will use human rights to say that Iraq needs to be attacked, Libya needs to be attacked, Syria needs its oil stolen, Cuba needs to be besieged, Iran needs to be besieged, and so and so on. It’s touching that white people’s tender sensibilities so perfectly coincide with their military industrial complex. It’s touching us in the private parts in the South. It’s wrong.

It’s not just the hypocrisy of counties with the largest prison populations (the US) and the world’s deadliest border (the EU) lecturing other people. It’s the air cover these lectures give to bombs. It’s the generally logic of collective punishment of entire populations for their own good. It’s the same old ‘white man’s burden’, now with imperial women and black people getting in on the fun.

All of the western news about human rights is just advertising for the theft and war. It makes western consumers think there’s some morality to a capital colonialism (that doesn’t really benefit them) just as the idea of Christendom made them think there was some morality to colonial joint-stock that didn’t really benefit them either. A western government is sincere about human rights in the same way that Nestle is sincere about human health. They’re fucking not. It’s all just advertising to make money. And the people that believe in it are suckers.

The fact is that the greatest violations of human rights are carried out in the name of human rights, just as the greatest violations of Christ were carried out in his names. The White Empire just changed capitals (to America) and state religions (to this secular bullshit) and carried on making carrion of the South.

‘Human rights abuser’ is just the latest word for ‘savage’, used to the same effect. To take our shit, and feel good about it. To feel like you’re…



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