How COVID-19 Rankings Are All Wrong

And also racist


What does the world look like if you remove Africa and China? That’s how it looks to Foreign Policy

Complicated COVID-19 rankings are about as useful as a weather report for yesterday. We looked at 100 variables and can confidently say that it was sunny in France. But it rained you dumbasses. Just look outside.

You don’t need to predict things that have already happened. You don’t need a report on what pandemic responses should have been like. You can just look at deaths and cases per capita and see what actually happened.

Rather than looking at the world and learning something, however, western media are just painting racism by numbers. The same old biases, dressed up in bad statistics. The west is the best, China is the worst, darkies don’t exist, blah blah blah. This has all been comprehensively run over by reality, but still a pale hand rises from the grave, clutching a PDF. Subscribe for more actionable insight, for the low price of $450.

But these rankings are all wrong. I mean, just look around.

What’s Wrong

I’ll get into why these rankings are wrong, but first here they are.

Here’s Foreign Policy, to whom the entire world is literally a foreign concept, unless it contains white people.

Foreign Policy

As you can see, much of the world doesn’t exist because it does not contain rich/white people. China gets a ZERO because CHINA BAD. VERY BAD. Meanwhile, Belgium has had an EXCELLENT response, killing an excellent 854 people per million. For reference, Vietnam has 0.36 deaths/million, but unfortunately does not exist. The truth is that Belgium has the 3rd worst death rate in the world but, you know, excellent.

This list is complete nonsense.

Foreign Policy is ranking the shambolic UK (612 deaths/million) higher than hyper-competent South Korea (6.55 deaths/million). The death rate is literally 100x higher in the UK but Foreign Policy is like 🤷🏻‍♂️. Taiwan, with 7 deaths total, is ranked lower than Germany, with over 9,300. Like seriously, how many points is whiteness in this index? Foreign…



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