How Canadians Are The Worst Vaccine Racists

Canadians are consuming the most vaccine per capita and blocking the world from making our own
5 min readDec 22, 2020

Canadians are real polite bastards. They signed up for COVAX — to procure a vaccine globally — and then immediately undermined it by hoarding. Canadians are per capita the worst vaccine hoarders in the world — they have enough for at least 4X their population. But Canadians want to look like the nice guys, so they front about ‘donating’ their leftovers. But we don’t want leftovers, we want justice, which they’re blocking as well.

Hundreds of countries are demanding a patent-free vaccine at the WTO and guess who’s among the Greedy Nine blocking it? O Canada. Like I said, polite bastards.

Canadians are the worst vaccine racists in the world.

The Greedy Nine

To me, living in the Dirty South, I will never forget this list. These are the countries blocking a vaccine from billions of people. They are killing people for profit. These countries are corrupt and evil, there’s no other way of putting it. These countries are the enemies of humanity and, spoiler alert, they’re also the countries killing us with climate change.



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