American Democracy Is Only 55 Years Old

That’s why it’s so messed up now. You’re young
5 min readNov 24, 2020
Some white guy meeting America’s founders

Americans want to know what the fuck is going on? I understand, but this is the wrong question. The most important question is when. Americans think they are 225 years old when in fact they are only 55. This is why you can’t handle your electoral alcohol. Democratically speaking, you’re children.

You’re obviously wasted. Just lie down in the bathtub and try to understand.

When am I?

American democracy was not founded in 1776. I know your mythology says this, but please think for a minute. At that time only 6% of the population could vote. Enslaving Greeks and Romans would be like 👍🏽, but those are two-thousand year old pedophiles. No one would call this a modern democracy.

American democracy was actually founded by black people in 1965. One person, one vote. 56 other countries (including Sri Lanka) had universal suffrage first. We also fucking suffered after, which is what America is experiencing now.

Democracy is the worst form of government (besides all the others) and it’s especially messy during the teenage years. Which is where you are now. Consider this a rhetorical mixtape from an elder cousin.

Where am I?



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