Hi Anna, I wish I knew.

The trouble is that history is full of examples of people going THRU disaster, but very few of places turning around. Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich is very instructive. People really didn't take Hitler seriously until it was too late.

The trouble is that it's not just bad leadership. That bad leadership comes from somewhere. America has some deep structural issues pointing to collapse.

The writers Vaclav Smil and people like Joseph Tainter talk about civilizations being energy equations, and at some point you just get diminishing returns, mostly stolen by an elite, and the whole thing falls down. It's a bit detailed, but I've tried to apply some of their thinking here:


Basically there is a theoretical way out with a huge, unifying, energy shifting investment, like a Green New Deal. Saying democracy and freedom isn't enough. That's meaningless to people that are poor(er) and dying deaths of despair. They need a brand new deal.

I just have no idea what you can do with Republicans. Hitler at least gave a shit about development at the start, Republicans are just looting. They're the greatest threat to America AND the world, and they're playing to win. Meanwhile your Democrats are playing to tie. As you can see in Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich, this does not end well.

If I could say anything, it's that your window for peaceful political change is very, very narrow and closing fast. You have to find strong leaders and play to win.

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