“Old Souvenirs” by John F. Peto, slightly edited

Fuck I’m old.
What have I done.
I have a daughter.
I have a son.

Adults I know,
And I’m not one.
They seem smarter,
I still feel dumb.

What do I own?
What have I won?
I’ve just started,
But I’m not young

With time to grow,
I was confident.
Now time is shorter,
I have to run.

Soon it will show,
That I’m undone
They’ll see their father
Hasn’t grown up.

Though truth be told,
They are quite dumb,
I haven’t shit myself,
So I’m up one.

Written by

A writer living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He/him. indi@indi.ca. Videos: tiny.cc/indication and podcast: anchor.fm/indication. patreon.com/indication

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