From The Frying Pan To The Ceasefire (And Back Again)

The struggle won’t end until Israel and America are destroyed


Alessandra Sanguinetti, “Portrait of Modern Palestinian Childhood,” 2004. (Via)

The Middle East won’t know peace until the carbon crusaders are kicked out for good. Until the aircraft carrier called Israel is sunk and the satraps of Saudi and Egypt represent the people. Palestine is just the epicenter of the broader catastrophe that is American occupation overall. The same colonialism that just carried over from the British in an unbroken atrocity I call White Empire. Palestine won’t be free until we all are (and vice versa). This is obviously going to take a while, and there will be blood.

The ceasefire that the brave mujahideen of Hamas won — on their own terms — is just a brief respite in the ongoing genocide of their people. From the ceasefire to the frying pan, it’s still genocide, just at a different temperature. Hamas is committed to freeing all of the hostages and all of Palestine, which is what needs to be done. Decolonization cannot proceed by half-measures, it is a cancer that needs to be completely cut out. Otherwise the Israelis will keep ‘mowing the lawn’, as they call it when they regularly murder Palestinians, especially children.

Despite releasing hundreds of hostages, many of them children, Israel keeps kidnapping more. Even though Hamas treated its hostages…



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