Europe Is Hoarding Vaccines And Not Even Using Them

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France has been hoarding AstraZeneca and not using most doses

I have an Oxford vaccine in my arm right now, making me feel like shit. It’s great. This vaccine almost completely protects against severe disease. It will save lives. It could save my life. These vaccines, however, can’t save any lives in a fridge, which is where the EU is keeping many of them.

Nearly 80% of AstraZeneca vaccines in Germany, France, Spain, and Italy are going unused. It’s galling because these countries made such a big show about hoarding, cast doubts on the vaccine, and now they’re not even using them. It’s the most pointless act of evil imaginable. While the world wants, they waste.

After battling with AstraZeneca over shipment delays, and even casting doubt over its Covid-19 jab’s efficacy, EU countries are seeing stocks of the company’s shots pile up — unused. As of Friday, France had administered 16 per cent of the 1.1m doses of the two-injection vaccine it received since the first delivery in early February, according to health ministry data. As of Thursday, Germany had given a little over one-fifth of the 1.45 million doses, about the same proportion as Italy, which has received over 1m doses. Spain has used just under a third of a total of 808,000 doses as of Friday. (FT)

It is difficult to overstate what a big show the EU made about getting these vaccines. They blocked exports, attacked AstraZeneca publicly, and increased vaccine hesitancy by nonsensically saying the shot shouldn’t be used for those over 65. This led to a public situation where Angela Merkel said she wouldn’t take the vaccine (as she’s 66) and confidence has plummeted.

Now the EU has a bunch of vaccine they made a big show of both hoarding and shitting on, and they’re going unused. This of course does no one any good. While the world needs a shot in the arm, the EU has been giving everyone the finger.

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